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1910 cover with t-top semi custom 5 year warranty

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This is a two part cover that zips together at mid-console and is designed to fit your center console, bay style, in-shore shallow draft fishing boats with a fixed T-top, outboard motor, and without bow rails. It has adjustment straps to attach to the underside of the T-Top along with a flap to insure the console area between the front and rear supports are covered.

100% Marine-grade polyester. Highest tear strength available. 8 oz, strong and durable. UV and mildew resistant. Excellent resistance to fading. Extremely water repellent. Breathable to help allow interior moisture to escape. Trailerable. (5 Year Warranty).

Protect your investment by following our care tips for your cover.

  • Avoid letting water, snow or other materials like leaves and sticks stand on the boat cover.
  • Use support poles, straps, or bows to prevent water from pooling on the boat cover.
  • Always tie boat cover down securely. When trailering, use heavy-duty tie down straps. Avoid using bungee cords that can stretch possibly causing damage to the cover and your boat’s finish.
  • Take the precaution of padding windshield, trolling motors, depth finders, etc. before installing boat cover to avoid accidental tearing.
  • To keep your boat cover looking its best, regularly brush off any loose dirt with a soft brush and rinse with lukewarm water. To clean, a solution of lukewarm water and mild natural soap such as Ivory™ may be used. Rinse thoroughly and allow to air dry. The use of detergent is not recommended as it may diminish the water repellent finish on certain fabrics and invite the growth of mildew. We also recommend the use of 303 Fabric & Vinyl Cleaner to safely remove dirt and difficult stains.
  • Regular exposure and cleaning can diminish the water repellency of certain boat cover fabrics over time. The water repellent finish used on most boat cover fabrics allows water to bead and run off similar to that of a waxed car. When water beading diminishes, we recommend the use of 303 High Tech Fabric Guard after a thorough cleaning to restore the water repellency of your cover.
  • Allow boat cover to dry thoroughly before folding for storage.

Please take extra care when trying your boat cover on for the first time!

Should you need to return the boat cover, it MUST be in its original, new condition. The cover must be clean and free of debris (including pet hair). Soiled, wet, mildewed, torn or otherwise mishandled covers cannot be accepted for exchange or credit. All Carver Boat Covers are rolled and packaged with the bow end of the cover to the outside. The tag on the bow end is sewn into the inside hem of the cover. 

To cover your boat, proceed as follows:

1 .Place the bow end of the rolled cover on or near the bow of your boat and unroll towards the stern or back, positioning it down the center of the boat as you unroll.

2. Slip the front of the cover over the bow and pull the cover open to the sides as you work towards the back of the boat.

3. If using support poles (optional for most covers), position the poles under your cover prior to completely covering the boat. Also add any padding needed for the windshields,

trolling motors, depth finders, etc.

4. Adjust cover fit by pulling cover tight to eliminate sagging areas. These areas may collect standing water or snow and shorten the life of your cover.

5. Using the reinforced tie-down loops, secure the cover to your trailer. When trailering, always use heavy-duty tiedowns, sold separately.

6. Remove the boat cover by folding to the center from both sides and rolling the cover from back to front. This will make it easier to repeat

steps 1 thru 5 when covering your boat again. (Important: Allow the cover to dry thoroughly before folding for storage.)


The materials and workmanship are guaranteed to be free of defects at time of manufacture. Warranty coverage commences on the original date of purchase. The warranty does not cover normal wear, weather soiling, stains from environmental pollution, and/or standing water, cuts from sharp objects, neglect, accident or misuse. The boat cover must be properly installed, utilized and maintained. The length of the warranty is determined by the type of material ordered. How To Prolong The Life Of Your Boat Cover • Avoid letting water or snow stand on the boat cover - use support poles, straps, or bows.

• Always tie boat cover down securely.

• Take the precaution of padding windshield, trolling motors, depth finders, etc. before installing boat cover.

• Clean boat cover regularly to remove salt, pollen and environmental pollutants that could support the growth of mildew. Brush off any loose dirt or soil, then spray the cover with a solution of mild, nondetergent soap (such as Lux, Dreft, Ivory or Woolite) and cool/warm water. A soft brush may be used on heavily soiled areas. Rinse thoroughly. If cleaning deminishes the water repellency of the cover, we recommend treating with 303 High Tech Fabric Guard

TM Water Repellent.


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